eGov Box is in total compliance with the passed Law about the measures and actions during state of emergency and particularly Art. 6a, according to which the institutions can make electronic conferences with virtual presence from a distance, regarding the requirements for quorum and personal voting which requires preparation of a session’s record of proceedings.
eGov Box does not contradict the E-Government Law. It integrates modules like electronic identification, electronic signature, etc. which are part of the integrated model for requesting, paying and providing electronic and administrative services.
eGov Box meets all the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law. All the necessary and appropriate measures have been taken in order to protect the users when processing their personal data.
The access to eGov Box can be granted through the module for electronic identification and authentication which is part of the system for safe electronic delivery, maintained by State E-Government Agency. It allows identification and authorization by qualified electronic signature (QES) – including the cloud solutions of Borika AD and Evrotrust Technology AD, or by personal identification code (PIC) issued by the National Social Security Institute. Except for the access, every institution decides how to apply the electronic signature for electronic signing of records of proceedings and other types of documents. The recommendations are for using a qualified electronic signature.
The requirements for the computer and the OS are associated with the maintaining of appropriate internet browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc. Web camera, microphone and earphones/speaker (external or internal) must be installed.
eGov Box can be used on any smart phone with Android or iOS.
No specific installation is necessary. It works through your browser.
For the video conference connections, the minimum speed is 600 Kb/sec in both directions. The recommended one is minimum 1,5 Mb/sec. You can check the speed with help of applications like Speedtest.
Except web camera, microphone and earphones/speaker, no other additional devices are necessary. It is recommended to use earphones with a microphone to avoid microphonism during conference conversations.
All types of web cameras, successfully installed on the computer, would be appropriate for video conference conversations, having in mind that the quality of the image depends on the connection speed.
There are no specific requirements for the microphone which you use. It is recommended to test the microphone signal by test call before the meeting and after installing it. Also it is recommended to mute the microphone during meetings and sessions if you are not speaking.
There are no special requirements for earphones or speakers (internal and external) but it is desirable that they do not cause microphonism. Check them in advance in test mode.
eGov Box дава възможност да управлявате кои устройства – микрофон, уеб-камера, слушалки/говорители, да ползвате и с какви параметри на усилване или други ефекти. Имате също така избор да ползвате компютъра си за разговор или да се включите по телефонна/мобилна връзка към същата конферентна среща/заседание докато следите същата на екрана на компютъра.
The eGov Box technology allows unlimited number and duration of the conference meetings and sessions and they depend on the package, chosen by your institution. For more information, click here.
There are no technological limitations for the maximum number of participants in meetings and in virtual offices but they depend on the package, chosen by your institution. Ask your administrator for more information or click here.
The communications through eGov Box are protected by cybersecurity solutions on a world level, including encryption and no unauthorized access to the virtual environment is allowed. In case of having doubts about the cybersecurity, please call our hotline number: 0 700 1 1234 or send an e-mail to:
All eGov Box sessions have an effect on a special archive which you can access. If somebody else accesses the system with your user account, the archive will be affected. In case of doubts about such behavior, please open the archive from your personal account and check the sessions you have participated in. Inform us by calling the hotline and we will assist you. It is compulsory to change your password. For more instructions, visit this link.
Sign in your account and search for the “change password” option in personal account menu.
It is recommended not to use one and the same password more than 3 months. eGov Box will remind you about the password change when this period is over.
If you have forgotten your password, you can change it by choosing “Forgotten Password” option in the eGov Box entry portal. Enter the e-mail address which you have used to register in eGov Box. You will receive a message with a link for entering the new password.
Yes, you can access eGov Box with its full functionality from anywhere. It is enough to have a reliable Internet connection to Bulgaria where the system is situated.
First of all wait for about a minute and if the connection is not restored automatically, leave the video conference and start from the beginning using the same meeting link. If necessary, restart your computer.
Yes, eGov Box will work with its full functionality with mobile Internet. Have in mind your tariff plan and the amount of traffic which is generated during such connections. If this bothers you, you can stop the video during the meeting in order to reduce the traffic significantly.
The amount of traffic depends mostly on the video quality. In case of video resolution with a very good quality with 720 pixels, a one-hour conference session will generate about 540 Mb outbound traffic and 540 Mb inbound traffic.