Personal virtual study

  • Full-fledged work and meetings 1:1 from home in the crisis situation
  • Secure personal access to documents and materials
  • Electronic signing of documents
  • Virtual meetings 1:1 both with colleagues and external entities for the organization

Conference room
(virtual and hybrid)

  • Participation in online group meetings and sessions any time from everywhere
  • Safe personal access to documents and materials
  • Electronic signing of sessions’ proceedings
  • Teamwork on specific tasks and activities
  • Effective bond between a real room and a virtual one

E-Signature and E-Identification

  • Integration with the module for E-Identification and E-Authentication, maintained by the state E-Government agency
  • It allows identification and authorization by qualified electronic signature (QES) – including the cloud solutions Of Borika AD and Evrotrust Technologies AD
  • It provides identification and authorization with personal identification code (PIC) of the national social security institute
  • You can use your intradepartmental electronic signature for identification and electronic signing of sessions’ proceedings and other documents

Technical equipment

  • Professional earphones with a microphone(work with mobile device and a computer)
  • Conference box “All In One” which provides a connection between the physical room and the virtual room in the eGov-Box platform of the institution
  • Encryption device which provides end-to-end protection of your connections